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11 January 2016

irig blueturn

Smart devices and tablets have increasingly found a place on music stands all over the world, where performers would rather read their sheet music off a screen than a book. IK Multimedia has announced a product sure to delight such musicians who are still trying to nail that tricky mid-performance page-turn manoeuvre.

iRig BlueTurn is a backlit, compact Bluetooth page turning solution for iPhont, iPad, Mac and Android. The small foot controller has two highly visible soft-touch buttons that musos can easily and quickly pair up with their choice of device for use with a wide range of document viewing apps and software.

Designed for use on stage and on the road, iRig BlueTurn runs on two AAA batteries and features a rugged enclosure. Not just musicians, it’s an ideal companion for speakers who use notes, presenters who use slides and more.

Three different modes allow the BlueTurn’s foot buttons to function as PageUp/Page Down, Arrow Up/Arrow Down or Arrow Left/Arrow Right commands.

The BlueTurn will be available in February 2016.

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