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7 July 2016

biamp oreno

Biamp Systems has released Oreno 1.1, the latest version of its mobile control software for Tesira-equipped rooms. The new features and improvements include Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration, the ability to automatically assign room access to new users, and removal of the requirement to have a dialler in every room.

“With these new features and enhancements, Oreno 1.1 makes it even easier for users to get their conference calls up and running,” said Chris Fitzsimmons, product manager of video products, Biamp Systems. “With the latest additions to the Oreno platform, users can connect their people, customers, and business in record time — extending the simple, easy-to-use mobile control capabilities even further.”

Oreno 1.1 supports optional integration with LDAP for better user access management. Also new is the concept of ‘default rooms’ that are accessible to all Oreno users. As users are added in Oreno Manager, they will immediately be granted access to designated default rooms.

Integration with LDAP allows users to log into Oreno using their network credentials. Optionally, administrators can configure Oreno to run under SSL, preventing login information from being transmitted in clear text. Oreno offers read-only access to LDAP and cannot be used to update employee data, nor will it store network credentials.

Biamp has also appointed Midwich as its distributor in Australia and New Zealand to exclusively distribute Tesira, Audia, Nexia, and Vocia. Midwich will also handle Devio, Biamp’s UC platform, on a non-exclusive basis.

“Australia and New Zealand represent an important region for Biamp Systems. Midwich share our passion and vision to provide exceptional AV solutions, especially with the emergence of enterprise-level networked media systems and unified collaboration” stated Jim Seretis, Biamp Systems’ consultant liaison and business development manager for Australia and New Zealand.

“We are very excited at the opportunities this new partnership with Midwich brings,” shared Matthew Packer, sales development director, APAC for Biamp Systems. “Having Midwich as our partner for Australia and New Zealand will enable Biamp to continue delivering exceptional customer service in a key region.”

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