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BenQ DuoBoard Boardroom Takeover

BenQ’s DuoBoard CP series is a spec-heavy interactive flat panel.


22 December 2020

It’s often difficult to discern the differences between the various players in the IFP (Interactive Flat Panel) market. Some come from a more education-led standpoint, others are stronger on the UC features, while there are those with mature whiteboarding and touchscreen tools.

BenQ has joined the fray with DuoBoard, which specs out quite impressively.

BenQ Australia:

1. Rich I/O Port

2. OPS Slot

3. Array Mic x6 & Cabers

4. 4K Resolution Panel

5. Capacitive Touch Technology Direct Bonding

6. Germ-Resistant Screen

7. Air Quality Sensor & Light Sensor

8. Motion Sensor

9. NFC Sensor

10. Active Pen


DuoBoard’s nomenclature is well deserved. It’s designed to be easily arrayed side by side to function as one double-width display.

Additionally, the Duo Windows feature gives the IFP’s multitasking and collaboration credentials a shot in the arm by allowing users to open two applications simultaneously. It might mean comparing two different documents simultaneously, or opening a related document during a VC call… it’s undoubtedly one of those features you’ll hardly believe you did without.

Finally, rounding out the ‘Duo’ features, is Duo OS, where the board happily switches between Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS for more flexibility.


The 65- and 86-inch DuoBoards are designed to provide the brains and focus of your meeting room with built-in VC hardware, including an embedded FHD camera, mic array along with a stereo loudspeaker system and inbuilt subwoofer.

The board is also preloaded with Blizz by TeamViewer, a powerful cloud meeting service and collaboration platform. 


DuoBoard uses P-cap (Projected Capacitive) 20-point touch technology, which enables a more accurate, precise touch response than IR. The feel of the glass is designed to make handwriting a smooth experience. 

The EZWrite 5 is a mature whiteboarding software platform for next-level annotations, creating and sharing sticky notes, taking impromptu screen grabs of screen regions all linked to cloud storage (no need to plug USB sticks in and out… team members can access their own cloud storage).


BenQ’s InstaShare wireless mirroring app can accommodate up to four attendees’ screens at once. There’s a moderator’s interface to allow a designated chair to regulate the content that’s shared on screen.

InstaShare runs two-way mirroring between the IFP and mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets and laptops. Two way ‘touchback’ is also supported, so you can annotate from your device.


DuoBoard’s Voice Assistant provides a complementary way of controlling some of the functionality without recourse to the display or a remote control (which is provided). 


An air quality sensor measures the CO2 levels in the room. Too much CO2 and drowsiness sets in, so this sensor is a meaningful means of ensuring your meeting (and the participants) remain lively.

A Smart Eye-Care sensor automatically adjusts the display setting according to the users’ distance from the screen. For example, the IFP can automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blu Light features as necessary.

A motion sensor is also provided, which is a benefit especially when working with room booking and management systems.

A NFC Sensor provides a simple means by which multiple users can easily and remotely log into DuoBoard via a tag system. 


The display uses an ionic silver coating to provide germ resistance. It helps to prevent cross infections when multiple participants are using the display. 


DuoBoard is designed to be part of a larger deployment. It’ll happily be part of a larger facility-wide network and be remotely controlled by your control system or via DMS Cloud.

McAfee security software is pre-installed for real-time protection from malware and provide wi-fi security and more.


The DuoBoard CP series comprises a 65- and a 86-inch model that spec out in a similar way. (One difference sees the smaller DuoBoard given the ability to be ranged in a portrait orientation.)

DuoBoard looks like an impressively-featured product. BenQ has traditionally been very strong in the education sector, and DuoBoard will doubtlessly find a home in this category, but its features suggest DuoBoard will make a strong tilt at the corporate meeting space market.


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