Issue 25



1 June 2015


Forget about Cannes, forget about Eurovision, we’re talking shipping containers. The opening of the “world’s safest, first fully automated, zero emissions container terminal” was attended by The Netherlands’ Monarch King Willem-Alexander and 500 senior representatives from the global shipping industry and world governments.

Working for show designers BIND Film, Jurlights were tasked with providing a technical concept for the launch presentation. What the ceremony lacked in glamour it made up for in sheer size, and went without a hitch thanks to BlackTrax real-time motion tracking solution from CAST BlackTrax.

“The only way to accurately track the Lift-Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV) across the 400 by 200-ft area was by using BlackTrax,” explains Menno Broere, Creative Director at Jurlights.

In describing the project workflow, Broere says: “BIND and Jurlights designed the show across 16 x 40ft shipping containers fitted with 12m wide by 2.5m high LED video screens. The screens were viewed by the audience who were stationed aboard a temporary viewing platform.”

“For the moving part of the presentation, we positioned BlackTrax BT Beacons on 6 x AVGs that sent out real-time positioning data to d3 Technologies 4×2 pro media servers to track the display of presentation content and dance performers. Effectively the AGV’s were driving over a giant virtual canvas. Using BlackTrax, the position of the AGV’s determined which part of the canvas was shown.”


Thorough preparations made it possible for Jurlights to install and calibrate the LED displays in only a few hours and BlackTrax was working within minutes.

Igor Silva, Marketing Director at CAST BlackTrax said: “We’re delighted to see that BlackTrax has been deployed to drive choreographed content on to screens – now a new updated feature of BlackTrax.”

Since investing in BlackTrax, Jurlights has deployed BlackTrax to track lighting and video in corporate events. And the last word goes to Broere who said: “For us, BlackTrax opens up a lot of new possibilities to tell the story of our clients  – and that’s what our business is all about!” ⎨




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Issue 25