AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Dynamic Art Experience (Tie)


18 June 2020

Tours globally

If you attended Integrated Systems Europe or InfoComm in 2019, you were treated to the sight of BARTKRESA studio’s 360-degree projection-mapped sculpture, Sviatovid. Inspired by both a ninth century Slavic deity and a medieval sculpture of the same name, Sviatovid is a 15-foot-tall faceted totem. The histories of the deity and medieval statue are the subjects of debate among historians, but BARTKRESA studio took inspiration from the all-seeing nature of the figure. With four faces, Sviatovid was not omniscient, but could literally take in the world in an all-encompassing way. BARTKRESA studio projects a library of animations onto the sculpture as a reflection of Sviatovid’s distinct perspective and journey.


DATAGATE: NASA AI Astronomical Sculpture
Nanjing, China
Ouchhh Studio

In Nanjing, China, new media studio Ouchhh collaborated with NASA astrophysicist Dawn Gelino to create a permanent 15-ton, 360 LED installation to allow the public to observe the exoplanets (planets that orbit around other stars). The DATA GATE: NASA AI Astronomical Sculpture utilizes machine learning in the context of space discovery and astronomical research through NASA’s Kepler Data. The resulting work invites visitors to plunge into the fascinating world of space discovery through the immersive data sculpture.

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Collaborative Experience

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Flexible Space Experience

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Immersive Experience

AVIXA Experience Awards: Best Individualised Experience


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