15 June 2015



Aviom’s (InfoComm Booth 721) new D400 and D400-Dante A-Net Distributors are designed to distribute power and digital audio data to an Aviom personal mixing system at a more affordable price point. Two versions of the D400 are available: the standard D400 has an A-Net input and is perfect for those using an analogue input module or a digital console card as the front end of their system, while the D400-Dante has Dante I/O instead of the A-Net input. The D400-Dante allows up to 32 Dante channels to be routed to the personal mixing system, which makes connecting to a Dante-enable digital console or audio network as simple as plugging in a Cat-5 cable.

Up to eight personal mixers can be connected to each D400 or D400-Dante’s A-Net outputs, and an unlimited number of distributors can be used when creating larger systems with more than eight performers. “The D400 and D400-Dante make designing a new Aviom personal mixing system even easier and more affordable,” explains Aviom’s product research and development manager, Ray Legnini. “For users with existing systems, the D400 and D400-Dante offer additional flexibility when it comes time to expand or upgrade a system.”


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