Audinate Announces Free Trial For Dante Domain Manager


24 June 2020

Audinate, developer of the Dante AV networking technology, has announced the availability of an easily downloaded trial version of Dante Domain Manager. This allows AV specialists and IT managers alike to see how Dante Domain Manager can streamline and secure Dante AV networks quickly and easily.

Dante Domain Manager secures Dante networks by enforcing user authentication and roles to ensure that only trusted people can make changes to the system. It provides organisational tools that allow Dante devices to be split into functionally independent groups (domains) that correspond to rooms, spaces, buildings and more for easier routing and security. Dante Domain Manager coordinates clocking across the entire network, enabling routing of audio and video across IP subnet boundaries for large systems that must span large buildings, multiple studios, or campuses.

A freely downloadable trial version is now available to anyone who wishes to try the power of Dante Domain Manager firsthand. The 30-day trial works with up to 50 Dante-enabled devices (running Dante firmware 4.0 or higher) and allows for the creation of up to 10 independent Dante domains. The Dante Domain Manager trial can be started by visiting https://www.audinate.com/ddm

Dante Domain Manager is delivered as a complete ISO image for use on virtual or hardware-based PCs, so it’s easy to get started on any computer. The product can be installed yourself or with the integrator of your choice to see if Dante Domain Manager is right for you.

“Giving users the opportunity to see Dante Domain Manager in action is the best way to demonstrate the power and control it brings to Dante networks,” says Neil Phillips, Senior Product Manager at Audinate. “By streamlining the evaluation process, integrators, IT managers and end-users alike can see how additional security and organisation help to keep their network working perfectly while preserving Dante’s legendary ease-of-use.”

Be sure to visit Audinate’s virtual booth for InfoComm Connected at https://www.audinate.com/ic20 to see all of Audinate’s new product announcements, product demonstrations, new Dante-enabled products from our OEM partners, and enter a contest to win Dante AVIO adapters.

Audinate: www.audinate.com


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