31 January 2016

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ATEN International Co. Ltd. has announced the release of its first HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switches. The new additions to ATEN’s line of A/V solutions, the VM3404H and VM3909H, extend uncompressed video, audio, power and control via HDBaseT through a single LAN cable up to 70 meters. The versatile switches support video wall, Seamless Switch and Power over HDBaseT (POH) functions when used in combination with a selected ATEN receiver.

“The VM3404H and VM3909H can deliver video content over large distances which can be displayed using various screen layouts, making ATEN’s new product range ideal for more challenging digital signage and video wall applications. Additionally, the VM3909H fills the current market demand for an easy-to-install, 3×3 video wall solution,” said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.

ATEN’s VM3404H and VM3909H feature four to nine HDMI inputs and four to nine mirrored HDMI/HDBaseT outputs, respectively. When a mirrored HDMI output is connected to a display, it can be used to verify the corresponding HDBaseT output or as an additional video display.

The HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Switches can cater to a diverse range of applications depending on the ATEN receiver employed:

• VE805R enables video wall and Seamless Switch functions;

• VE802R provides PoH functionality and 4K capabilities; and

• VE601R offers an affordable means to convert HDMI signals to DVI.

The VM3404H and VM3909H offer flexibility through their choice of control methods, such as front-panel pushbuttons, IR channel ports, RS-232 and Ethernet (Telnet/Web GUI) connections. Bi-directional IR channel ports support control of A/V sources locally at the switch or remotely at the display. The Ethernet connectivity makes it easier for installers to create a cable infrastructure in situations where displays are scattered, such as in digital signage applications.

ATEN’s HDMI HDBaseT-Lite Matrix Switches support a variety of applications including luxury residential uses such as home entertainment rooms, commercial and conference centre uses including digital signage and video walls and control room use such as extending video to individual monitors or video wall setups.

More Info:
ATEN: www.aten.com


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