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15 September 2015

verde viale

Verdi Viale is a brand new health and fitness centre in Yotsukaido, Japan, a suburb that’s a half-hour east of Tokyo. It stands alone in a purpose-built two-story building and has a comprehensive range of amenities to help its clients achieve ‘life balance.’ It is split into three studios — a cardio studio, a yoga studio, and a machine room — each of which was supplied with its own powerful sound playback and instructor reinforcement system with the assistance of Morimoto Naniwa Sound Projects Co., Ltd. of Tokyo. Each studio uses One Systems 108im loudspeakers powered by a four-channel Ashly nX4004 four-channel programmable output amplifier.

Co-owner of Morimoto Naniwa Sound Projects Masaki Morimoto explains: “Most of the facility is surrounded by glass walls, which led to long reverberation times. Of course, intelligibility was very important, and it was necessary to maintain perfect, undistorted fidelity. Ashly amplifiers are excellent in this regard, and Ashly’s reliability would allow Verdi Viale to operate without interruption.”

verde viale

Within each of the three separate studios, a four-channel Ashly nX4004 amplifier delivers 400W each to four One Systems 108im full-range loudspeakers. Each One Systems 108im hangs from a custom bracket built by Morimoto Naniwa Sound Projects Co., Ltd. A simple DBX processor mixes inputs from various background music sources, a CD player for each studio, and an instructor microphone for each studio.

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