23 February 2015

Arri has introduced its L10, the newest addition to its L-Series of LED Fresnels for the film, broadcast, theatre and live entertainment markets.


The brightest and largest of the L-Series lampheads, the L10 offers a substantial 25cm (10-inch) Fresnel lens and powerful output for more distant fixture placement, and to wrap light around objects in a natural way. At more than twice the brightness of the mid-range L7, the L10 is one of the brightest LED Fresnels available.

Like its smaller counterparts in the range, the L10 is fully colour tuneable with the ability to adjust the colour temperature from 2800 to 10,000 K as well as the green/magenta point. It comes in three versions: the L10-C (Colour), L10-TT (Tungsten Tuneable) and L10-DT (Daylight Tuneable). The L10-C is the most versatile with regard to colour tuneability; the L10-TT and L10-DT are brighter and offer a select CCT tuning range.

Consuming only 400W, the L10 is very energy efficient. The L10-TT and DT versions have a brightness level close to that of a 2000W tungsten Fresnel, which means that with the same power consumption as a single conventional 2kW tungsten light, you can run five L10s and achieve almost five times the light output.


Source: media release


Arri: www.arri.com

Arri Australia: +61 2 9855 4300 or info@arri.com.au


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