2 June 2017

Amber Technology celebrates three decades of helping film and professional audio brands find their place in the Australian market.

Brands distributed from the early days by Amber Technology include Avid, Canare, Neutrik, and EVS. The company holds as one of Australia’s largest suppliers of sound and vision equipment and solutions.

Born on the back of a management buyout of Rank Electronics Pty Limited, Amber’s founders including current Managing Director Peter Amos named the company around the focus of the original equipment being distributed in Australia: audio, motion picture, broadcast, education and recording.

Originally focused on the audio and film industries, as the technology and equipment advanced and Australia’s demand for innovative equipment grew, Amber Technology expanded from distributing professional broadcast, film, recording products and acquired distribution rights for a variety of high-end consumer audio visual manufacturers.

Amber Technology: www.ambertech.com.au


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