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1 October 2015

allen-heath qu-chrome

Allen & Heath has launched new Chrome Editions of its Qu series digital mixers to mark the launch of Qu v1.8 Chrome firmware in mid-October, which adds major new features like Automatic Mic Mixing, a Spectogram and additional monitor mixes. The new Chrome Editions Qu-16, Qu-24 and Qu-32, all have the same metallic finish rotary controls and fader caps as the GLD Chrome series. The new Automatic Mic Mixer coming in v1.8 firmware helps the engineer manage multiple mic levels simultaneously, but with priority settings to establish an order of precedence. The Spectogram tool helps you quickly locate and deal with problem frequencies. The Qu-Pad app also receives enhancements with the inclusion of new controls, views and functions, such as remote control over AMM settings. Qu v1.8 firmware also allows Stereo Groups to be switched to Mix mode, increasing the maximum number of discrete monitor sends on the Qu-32, Qu-24 and Qu-Pac mixers.

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