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Aetria Control Room Plaftorm by Datapath

Comprehensive solution for the design, management and operation of control rooms; appropriate for small and very large installs


9 February 2021

Datapath announces industry-first fully integrated platform purposely designed for control room environments.

Aetria from Datapath brings all the elements of control room design, management, control and monitoring into a single solution, allowing integrators and end users to design systems to meet a wide set of requirements, including connectivity, video walls, workstations and source management, ranging from small to very large installations.

Aetria has been designed to make content sharing easy for operators, plus easy to control, manage and secure for administrators. It manages the underlying technology enabling users to focus on their primary objectives.

Explaining the years of development that have driven Aetria’s ethos, Bjorn Krylander, Managing Director of Datapath, said: “Today’s control rooms are highly complex, with ever-increasing demands for sources, data and secure multi-point sharing. Our systems are trusted in mission-critical environments at the highest levels of government and we have used that extensive experience to bring simple and secure ‘any source/any screen’ management to control rooms.”

With Aetria, Datapath is also introducing several workstation options, depending on end-user requirements and connectivity preferences. The comprehensive Aetria Workstation solution offers almost unlimited connectivity and flexibility of source viewing, sharing and control, whilst alternative solutions provide for more secure environments depending on requirements.

Datapath’s VSN controllers are fully supported and with Aetria they are easier than ever to manage. Aetria can also work in harmony with established third-party hardware, such as AMX and Crestron, via its application programming interface (API).

Bjorn Krylander adds: “The move to AV-over-IP fundamentally changes how control rooms and other big AV visualisation solutions can be built. Aetria is a solution that integrates both the delivery process and the operations and management of complex AV environments.”

Engineered for security and reliability in mission-critical applications, Aetria brings numerous unique components to benefit integrators and end-users alike:

Aetria Designer

Aetria Designer is a free web-based design tool. Project designs can be created, shared and ‘tested’ with end customers without the need to be connected to a network, making it easy to create, review and approve designs at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Aetria Command Center

Sitting at the heart of the Aetria system, Aetria Command Center provides a unified interface to design, manage and operate control room solutions. Once installed and commissioned, control room operators use Aetria Command Center to quickly and easily view or share the sources they need in real-time on any connected output, be it a display, video wall or workstation.

Aetria Workstation

Providing a personal video wall, almost unlimited in size, configuration and connectivity. Aetria Workstation enables users to segment their desktop into dedicated zones – allowing any combination of sources to be displayed and controlled alongside their local applications.

Built-In Diagnostics

Aetria monitors all connected components to ensure maximum efficiency, smooth operation and a swift alert and response should issues occur.

State-of-the-Art Security

Critical for successful control room deployments, security has been a key focus for Aetria throughout development. With fully integrated user rights management (compatible with LDAP as well as standalone user accounts) administrators are given fine-grained control of access to all Aetria assets. All connections between connected devices are secured with enterprise grade AES encryption, and all user and API connections use TLS encryption.

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