adamson s series grace orlando church



14 June 2017

adamson s series grace orlando church

Grace Orlando church recently opened the doors of its first designated worship space. A critical consideration from the outset was pristine and even audio coverage across all 600 seats. Adamson’s S-Series loudspeakers helped provide exactly that, and more.

“Full coverage is something we’ve lacked over the past 14 years at our part-time facility,” comments Worship Pastor Chad Wyatt, who boasts a background in production technology. “We wanted everyone to hear the word clearly and feel like the music is totally immersing them in the new space.”

The music ministry is a vital part of the church’s dynamic services, with a worship band that includes everything from full drums to guitars and keys to a horn section. Subsequently, musical warmth was another must.

Wyatt and Gil Parente of AVNew, the church’s longtime audio equipment provider, were keen to test an Adamson package based on the brand’s “stellar and growing reputation” throughout Florida’s worship community. That led them to contact Mainline Marketing, Adamson’s Florida-based rep firm.

“What really sold us on the system is when Mainline led us on a trip to the factory in Canada and we saw how everything was manufactured in house,” shares Parente. “The quality control, the state-of-the-art equipment… that was the kind of company we were looking for — a reputable company with a focus on design and really strong support. Then we heard the system and we were blown away. It was everything we were hoping for in that partnership.”

Grace Orlando opted for a left-right array system to cover its 100ft-wide by 60ft-deep sanctuary. It’s comprised of six Adamson S10 two-way, full range line array cabinets per side, with four S119 subwoofers lining the ground in front of the stage.

From the church’s leadership to its technical volunteers to its congregants, Wyatt reports total satisfaction with the new system. “It’s just great comment after great comment on how amazing it sounds,” he says.

After 14 years, Grace Orlando has a space to call its own. Now, it can continue to grow its faith and congregation, and with an advanced new Adamson S-Series loudspeaker system, can ensure the message registers loud and clear.

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