acoustic technologies blackbird tla039



22 March 2017

acoustic technologies blackbird tla039

Acoustic Technologies has released its new range of full range, compact self-powered line array cabinets. The first to be released is the TLA039 which comprises a cabinet containing three 6.5-inch long throw woofers and nine two-inch full range elements. The cabinet is powered by a Powersoft amplifier platform with DSP with a rating of 1200W. Dimensions are 560mm high, 200mm wide and 350mm deep. Weighing in at 14kg, the TLA039 is ideally suited for highly reverberant spaces such as big halls, houses of worship and similar, where room for sub bass cabinets is limited. The nine-element speaker component can be adjusted for optimal focusing. It is also available as a passive cabinet. A range of flying hardware is available as well as multiple colour choices for décor matching.

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