10 June 2014

Video Devices Logo (Sound Devices Video products)

Sound Devices, which has long specialised in both audio and video production equipment, has created Video Devices, a new brand and identity for its line of video products. The separate brand will allow the company to clearly define and itsour video product portfolio specifically to video applications and markets. Production sound equipment is still the foundation of the company and it will continue to develop new audio gear, but video production has become increasingly important. The Video Devices brand is a clear message to the industry that the company is in the market for the long haul. Over the next several months, the company will brand all video-related products as Video Devices, including the PIX 220i, PIX 240i, PIX 250i, and PIX 270i recorders. All future products, specific to video markets, will also be branded Video Devices. Visit Video Devices on the web at www.videodevices.com

Australian Distributor: John Barry Group (02) 9355 2300 or www.johnbarry.com.au


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