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Step Into Spectacular with LG

LG is presenting a show-stopping array of commercial displays.


12 June 2024

LG Business Solutions USA is bringing a show-stopping array of commercial digital displays, ad-enabled EV chargers, laptops, projectors, system management software and much more, where attendees will see how the company’s latest innovations for virtually any commercial environment can enhance business communications, simplify daily operations, elevate end-user experiences and create new opportunities for differentiation and recurring revenue.

According to LG Business Solutions USA’s Head of Marketing Dave Bacher, with more than 40 innovative LG products on display, booth visitors can “Step Into Spectacular” and experience cutting-edge solutions to suit a wide array of commercial projects.

“LG is leading the way forward at InfoComm 2024 with groundbreaking displays, business tools and control capabilities, empowering integrators and business owners to deploy easy-to-use systems that deliver consistently excellent experiences for business owners, employees and customers,” Bacher said. “From retail stores and drive-thrus to offices and schools, integration pros are using LG’s vast selection of displays, laptops, EV chargers and intuitive software solutions to help commercial customers outfit virtually any size property with impressive visual experiences and real-time content control.”

As they approach the LG booth, they will be wowed by the giant new 1.9mm fine-pitch “Kinetic LED” designed for diverse settings such as shopping malls and airports. The striking installation presents a 20-foot-wide by 12-foot-tall kinetic screen consisting of several LED fine pitch (model LSBC019) panels that move in sync with atmospheric music to display vibrant digital art. The display offers high-dynamic range capability with a wide color gamut and high contrast ratio that make it ideal for presenting eye-catching imagery, including generative content. Installation and panel alignment are simplified through a click-and-lock system, even when used on a 90-degree corner to create a seamless multi-side visual experience.

Once inside the booth, visitors can browse through multiple zones that exhibit various technologies and solutions suited to distinct commercial sectors.

MicroLED displays can be found throughout LG’s booth, including the new 136-inch Next Generation MicroLED and 118-inch All-in-One with a 0.6mm pixel pitch that can instantly turn any space into a captivating media experience. The MAGNIT MicroLED with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) will also be on display. This model delivers excellent low-grayscale performance, ensuring superior image clarity and enabling users to see exactly what’s happening during the darkest scenes. The MAGNIT MicroLED display is also certified for color consistency over a wide viewing angle.

In the Luxury Retail Zone, attendees can preview the impact of LG’s double-sided display that features an 86-inch LED for window viewing and a 75-inch LCD for customer messaging indoors, a retail concept display that leverages a 30-inch Transparent OLED display, a 55-inch Transparent OLED that offers unique content opportunities and a 37-inch Ultrawide Stretch display that enables banner or column messaging to maximize space utilization.

The tech immersion continues in the Café and Bakery Zone, where the brand shows additional applications for its Transparent OLED displays including a touch-capable model. Another highlight is the upcoming 79-inch Stretch display that offers a 1.5mm, 1.8mm or 2.5mm pixel pitch and 32:9 aspect ratio. This zone also features signage displays from 32 inches to 110 inches, as well as a 27-inch touchscreen kiosk for ordering and a 16-inch LG gram laptop ideal for backend employee needs including content control for displays.

In the Drive-Thru Zone, integrators can experience the sun-defying performance and resilience of LG’s high brightness outdoor displays that range from 22 inches to a bold new 86-inch model that offers 4K Ultra HD resolution and 3,300 nits of brightness, enabling a wide range of drive-thru ordering configurations.

The Education Zone shows how LG signage can be deployed for campus messaging alongside in-class learning technologies such as LG gram laptops and the popular 75-inch LG CreateBoard, a multi-touch digital whiteboard that offers educators enhanced content sharing capabilities and deeper student engagement.

Demonstrating solutions for office, campus or hospitality projects, the Meeting Room Zone presents a variety of large screen solutions including a 105-inch LCD model and a 171-inch LED All-in-One with stereo speakers, which each feature a 21:9 aspect ratio optimized for Microsoft Front Row. This is also where booth visitors can experience the amazing picture quality, color and impact of LG’s MAGNIT technology through a 136-inch All-in-One MicroLED model with a 0.7mm pixel pitch and a build-to-size model with a 0.9mm pixel pitch. An additional marine-grade DVLED display shows that LG is also addressing outdoor spaces, making it an ideal partner for even the most unique projects and needs.

In the Sports Bar Zone, LG shows how various digital displays can be implemented for messaging, entertainment and interactive experiences with its new high-brightness window facing 75-inch display, a 55-inch transparent OLED display, a touch-enabled 30-inch transparent OLED display, and a 65-inch UHD display.

The LG SHIELD Zone showcases LG’s new security platform for webOS 6.0 devices, a powerful cybersecurity system with five layers of protection, including Connected Service, Application, OS, System and Hardware. LG’s security platform is invaluable for any business utilizing digital signage, offering protection against a range of cyber threats including hacking, malicious software, ransomware, and more. This software is particularly crucial for businesses that share confidential data and information, as it helps safeguard against intellectual property infringement as well. This zone also highlights a sampling of LG’s latest commercial projection solutions.

Showing that LG has solutions that go beyond traditional display functions, the booth also highlights two versions of the new LG Level 2 EV Charger featuring enclosures by Melitron. One is outfitted with a 22-inch LG display, and the other with a 55-inch LG display, each offering owners messaging opportunities and the ability to develop new revenue streams through paid advertising.

Integrators familiar with LG know that the company’s platforms are a major part of its value and performance proposition, and visitors to the Software Solutions Zone can learn about the new LG Business Cloud, a multi-service SaaS cloud platform that provides integrators and business owners simple access to the powerful capabilities of LG ConnectedCare, LG Pro:Centric Cloud, LG Pro:Centric Stay and LG SuperSign Cloud.

Finally, LG’s 97-inch OLED and a 37-inch stretch displays highlights the “Better Life for All,” program, the company’s robust ESG (environment-social-governance) commitments to people and the planet. The program’s six key focus areas – carbon neutrality, circularity, clean technology, decent workplace, diversity & inclusion and design for all – align with ESG goals of major customers.

The LG Booth is located W2125.

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