NAS Solutions Reality Check


18 June 2020

NAS Solutions released a video earlier this week to update clients on how the last three months have impacted the business. Here’s a statement from Managing Director, Shane Bailey.

“Join a few of the familiar NAS crew for a relaxed chat about business not as usual and how NAS is tackling some of the issues presented by the current business climate and what some of the team have been up to. We’re hoping to present (shorter!) versions of this forum in semi-regular bursts just to help keep our friends and client base informed of the latest updates and goings on in Team NAS.

And whilst we’re tackling the big subjects (!!!), your input is welcomed and appreciated on ideas about how you feel we can improve this forum, what you might like to hear about from Team NAS and what flavoured herbal tea James is drinking this week.

Thanks for tuning in, this first one is a little longer than the follow up chapters will be, but we felt it a good intro to the idea – we hope you enjoy saying hello to us via Chill ‘n’ Chat!”



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