Intel Selects SpinetiX to Join the Intel iot Solutions Alliance


10 June 2019

SpinetiX has been selected by Intel to join the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. SpinetiX becomes the first onboarded Retail Visual Specialist for a strong technical and commercial partnership with Intel, oriented towards the customer needs of today and tomorrow.

Digital signage and internet of things (IoT) technologies are part of the accelerating transformation of modern retail business, transportation, buildings, and cities. The partnership with Intel is founded on a common understanding of the exponential power of data and the ability to drive this digital transformation making infrastructure more reliable, efficient, and connected.

Intel selected SpinetiX to join the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance as the first onboarded partner within the newly created Intel Retail Visual Solutions Specialty Program. This choice reinforces SpinetiX long-standing experience and expertise in the field of digital signage.

SpinetiX is trusted by thousands of customers around the world for the reliability and openness of its solutions, the depth of it’s feature sets, the commitment to security and long-term customer support, as well as for its global ecosystem of partners. SpinetiX brings experience in meeting the most demanding requirements from a large range of customers: from defense to the public sector.

Thanks to this close collaboration with Intel, SpinetiX takes advantage of the latest technologies to innovate and deliver market-ready solutions adapted to modern-day customer requirements and scalable for the future.

The strategic partnership between SpinetiX and Intel enables Intel to satisfy wide-ranging customer needs – from commercial to industrial – with end-to-end solutions adapted specifically for digital signage and visual communication. This means that a wide variety of businesses will get the benefit of SpinetiX’s expertise and technology innovation, combined with the security and manageability of the Intel architecture.

“We are proud to develop a strong partnership with Intel. Our collaboration will open up new business opportunities with digital signage. With SpinetiX and Intel, digital signage can be closely aligned to business processes and serve a more business-critical role for end users. Organisations can focus on developing and delivering relevant, high-quality content—rather than spending time and budget on complex integration, development, management, and maintenance,” says Francesco Ziliani, CEO of SpinetiX.

With this partnership with Intel, SpinetiX offers a reliable foundation to serve the needs of customers of today and tomorrow. Businesses will be well-positioned to increase customization, localization, personalization, and automation as digital signage evolves.

Discover more the new partnership with Intel by visiting SpinetiX booth # 435 at InfoComm from June 12 to 14th and by visiting spinetix.com/intel

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