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Epson Sensors Start Selling 

Epson will begin external sales of sensing technologies that combine new semiconductor and optical technologies developed in recent years.


19 October 2020

The company will also launch a new business using motion-sensing analysis technology developed for Epson’s M-Tracer golf swing analysis system to provide valuable data about the actions and movements of people and objects in everyday life.

Epson has long been using its sensing technologies to provide value to users. For example, the company’s semiconductor and optical technologies are used in healthcare to monitor an individual’s vital signs and provide visual data about the person’s daily activity.

Meanwhile, position-fix information measurements are used in the running market to support runners by measuring distance and exercise intensity. While developing these technologies, Epson has received many requests from customers to utilise Epson’s unique sensing technology and analysis algorithms. 

Factors such as the spread of COVID-19 and the arrival of a super-aging society have contributed to a general sense of unease. At the same time, expectations are rising for safer and more secure communities in the future as social infrastructure such as transportation and lifelines are increasingly being connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

In response to societal demands such as these, Epson has decided to begin successively selling its sensing technologies to external customers in order to capitalise on the technologies in a broader range of applications, assist and look after people in their everyday lives, and contribute to the creation of a safer, more secure world. 

Epson has a large number of sensing devices that apply Epson-original core sensing technologies. For many years, the company has used sensors to analyse big data and has accumulated a vast amount of data and many algorithms. 

Epson will broaden the world of smart sensing and accelerate the creation of new applications by building partnerships with collaborating companies and engaging in open innovation projects that focus on Epson’s sensing device product families and on algorithm platforms that create new value obtained through the analysis of sensing data. 

In addition, Epson will continue to develop efficient, compact and precision technologies and create new markets in a diverse and expanding range of applications and in AI and IoT, where new needs are emerging.

Products and services include:

  • Sensing devices and modules such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and vital sign sensors
  • Software libraries that optimise sensors for applications in areas such as sports and healthcare
  • Information sharing service on the results of motion analyses based on Epson’s big data

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Issue 27