Easey As: TAG Opens In Melbourne


16 September 2019

Seizing an opportunity to welcome friends, customers and colleagues to the company’s new Melbourne office, Technical Audio Group commandeered Integrate Tuesday evening for a Grand Opening.

‘With so many of the audio-visual industry already in town it was perfect timing.’ Said Giles Brading, TAG National Sales Manager and leader of the TAG Melbourne team. ‘Once we set the date there was some furious renovation needed to get the training facility ready but I’m delighted to say that after some round-the-clock project management from TAG Technical Director Anthony Russo we’ve got something pretty special here.’

The new offices are not only a base for TAG’s Victorian team, but replicate and extend the training, demonstration and meeting facilities that TAG HQ in Sydney offers. As well as the new state of the art training facility, the four-level building in the inner city, hipster suburb of Collingwood houses an office/admin level plus a rooftop meeting/demonstration level, making 46 Easey Street the perfect hub, as well as a pretty good place for a plate of paella and a beer among friends.

‘The technical nature of our products, particularly QSC Q-SYS, necessitates plenty of training and we have been offering sessions on a frequent and regular basis in Sydney.’ Said Anthony. ‘Having a home for training in Melbourne is a really important step for us, it’s a promise we made to ourselves a while back and it’s something we’ve been very keen to deliver.’

Combining the Grand Opening with Integrate meant representatives from TAG suppliers Allen & Heath, Audio-Technica, Martin Audio and QSC were all in town, and that included QSC CEO and AVIXIA Chairman Joe Pham. Who better, to cut the virtual ribbon onstage, alongside TAG Directors Maxwell Twartz and Anthony Russo? In a brief address Joe mentioned the importance of relationships, QSC/TAG’s successful 25-year history together and the exciting shared future ahead.

Following the formalities, QSC’s dynamic training duo Patrick Heyn and Nathan Makaryk took the stage with an improv comedy set and were very warmly received by the 180 or so guests.

Giles spoke for the whole TAG team when he added; ‘It’s a privilege for us to welcome so many friends here tonight. We’re looking forward to this place being our home in Melbourne but we also want you to feel at home so please make it as much about you, as it is about us.’


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