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Dante Director Now Commercially Available

Audinate has now made Dante Director available to the general public.


6 June 2024

Audinate, developer of the Dante AV-over-IP solution, announced that Dante Director, a SaaS solution for remote Dante network administration and management, is now available to the general public. Dante Director enables the remote management of Dante devices from any manufacturer across the internet using a simple, convenient web dashboard. Dante Director provides a powerful, interoperable, manufacturer-agnostic IoT platform for the AV industry.

Dante has become the de facto standard in AV-over-IP media networking. Available in over 4,000 devices from over 600 manufacturers, Dante enables the low-latency transmission of audio and video streams over any standard IT network. Dante Director joins the Dante suite of products for professional AV solution management alongside Dante Domain Manager, which serves enterprise and on-premise network management needs.

Designed to meet the varying needs of all Dante-based AV-over-IP networks, Dante Director enables IT and AV administrators to be more productive via remote access for management and monitoring. Admins can remotely configure Dante channel subscriptions, control user access, ensure network security, and monitor multiple Dante networks from a single account.

Dante Director works closely with Dante Controller to provide AV management capabilities. After initial setup, users can remotely launch and use Dante Controller from any internet connection without requiring direct local access to the network. With Dante Director, administrators can manage multiple AV networks from a single web dashboard, providing faster response times, increased flexibility, and better peace of mind through real-time monitoring.

“Dante Director is the next step in managing Dante networks, providing maximum convenience and flexibility for IT and AV administrators,” said Laurence Crew, Senior Product Manager, Audinate. “Users can manage device security with user accounts, track device stability through event logging, and extend control and transparent monitoring with custom Dante Managed API integrations. We expect Dante Director to become the default choice for permanent Dante installations where management flexibility and monitoring are critical.”

Subscriptions to Dante Director also grant access to the Dante Managed API, allowing integrators and software developers to add value to their applications by building new network interfaces and retrieving Dante network data for use in dashboards. For example, AVI-SPL has used the Dante Managed API to integrate data from customer Dante networks into their Symphony platform.

“Dante Managed API enables our customers to consolidate information about their Dante network with data from other technology deployments, providing a unified view of their estate, decreased resolution time, and strategic insights,” says Laurie Berg, VP of Symphony Product Operations, AVI-SPL.

Dante Director comes with a free 30-day trial and is available as a monthly subscription, starting at $20 (USD) per month for up to 20 Dante devices, expanding easily to cover any network size for an additional $1 (USD) per device per month.

To learn more, visit or see a demo at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas from June 12-14 at booth C8012.

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