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AVIXA Sustainability Taskforce’s Checklist

Some easy steps to more sustainable AV from the Best Practices group.


31 July 2023

The Best Practices group from the AVIXA Sustainability Taskforce has released a checklist of suggested simple actions for AV technicians and operators to enable them to reduce their carbon footprint as they go about their everyday work. Produced in collaboration with The Milliwatts Program, the list offers some easy-to-implement suggestions that require no additional hardware or system modifications, and can even reduce operating costs.

This technicians’ and operators’ checklist is the first in a series of footprint-reducing lists that will eventually cover suggestions for all areas of the AV industry, ranging from system designers and consultants, to facility managers, integrators, and system installers.

The list is available online here.
If you’re interested in participating in the creation and maintenance of these checklists, please email The Milliwatts Program here.

AVIXA: avixa.org
The Milliwatts Program: milliwatts.org


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