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Unilumin Makes Big Impact Over Perth Markets Entry

A huge Unilumin LED screen makes a big impact over Perth Market entry.


15 September 2022

Perth Markets on Bannister Road in Canning Vale is home to Perth’s only wholesale fresh produce market. It also incorporates Market City, a consumer retail/commercial centre containing a diverse cluster of businesses, shops and eateries. This is open to the public as part of Weekend Community markets. 

Brand Dynamics was contracted to provide a large advertising screen in a prominent location at the market. As part of a “concept to create a platform that the little guy could reach,” Managing Director, Brian Robeson, designed a package that gives great signage at a keen price.

He based it around the IP65 rated Unilumin Uslim4.8 OD LED panels from NAS Solutions. A total of 88 panels are incorporated into one giant screen covering 44 square metres. With a pixel density of 43,264 pixels/m², that’s nearly 2 million pixels in one sumptuous vista. 

Brian has done thorough research into LED panels and is “fascinated by the technology.” That led to serious discussion with various suppliers until old friend at NAS, Steve Parkins, pointed out the Unilumin range. Brian was suitably impressed: “I had a fairly good understanding of what was out there with pixel rates and bit rates, and all the parameters involved in LED screens. Statistically, the Unilumin certainly stood up. In fact, it stood out.”


Mounted to a custom fabricated framework, the screen visually dominates the intersection it overlooks. And it’s not just the imposing location but the screen itself. Unilumin screens are renowned for their brightness, even in broad daylight, and these are bright “to the point where we’ve had to turn it down quite a bit” shares Brian. Image clarity is another big sell feature “so much that it jumped out” when he first saw the screens in action. 

As well as the brightness “there are a whole range of things that ticked all the boxes. From lighting control through sensors for ambient light and all the different things that the Unilumin package does.” 

Brand Dynamics has an onsite office for screen and content control, which houses all the ancillary gear to send content to and manage the screens. This package is comprised of a Unilumin UVP1000S Scaler and SD700E sender joined with a Novastar MFN300 Multifunction card, NS060 Light Sensor and A5 rx cards. 

Brian loves that “it’s all provided. The content PC itself, the scalar, and their control panels – it’s all synchronised.” With the system set up to allow control remotely from other locations, he can rest easy knowing what is going on. “I can dial in and make changes if I need to, whether it be to brightness or content or whatever.”


As the screen is running 24/7, reliability and maintenance are key issues. When upkeep is required, they are “lucky in this particular site we can access the screen from both the front and the back.” So far, Brian is “finding them holding up pretty well” even during extended recent storms. “It is only early days at the moment, but thus far I couldn’t wish for more.” Even before installation, they showed their robustness during the COVID-convoluted journey from wharf to wharf and truck to truck as they made their roundabout way to Perth.

With all that transit madness, Brian was expecting “a fairly high rate of damage or complications to panels,” but he found “the strike rate was phenomenal.” Only a few panels out of the 88 in the shipment suffered and they were quickly replaced by NAS. Brian is “very pleased that they’re quite sturdy.”

When Brian was designing this job, he considered lots of possibilities. He looked at cheaper options but was after a premium product that would work well, both upfront and long-term. “We didn’t really need to go that high quality, but it’s been worth it. I think it sets the standard and we will set that as our minimum now moving forward.”

Now that a good technical model has been sorted, Brand Dynamics is working hard on securing further sites to roll out more Unilumin screen packages across Perth.

Gear List:

88 x Unilumin USLIM OD 4.8 mm (500 x 1000mm panels)
Unilumin SD700E sender
Unilumin UVP1000S Scaler
Novastar MFN300 Multifunction card
Novastar NS060 Light Sensor
Novastar A5 rx card

Perth Market: www.perthmarket.com.au
Unilumin: www.unilumin.com
Australian Distributor: www.nas.solutions


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