UoO Chooses Epson Projectors

Epson projectors in use at the University of Otago, NZ


11 May 2022

The University of Otago, founded in 1869 is New Zealand’s oldest university and is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world. Since 1961 the university has expanded considerably and now has over 20,000 students enrolled studying programmes including Surveying, Medical Laboratory Science, Teacher Education, Applied Science, Biomedical Sciences and Performing Arts amongst many others. Recently the university had a requirement for cutting-edge projector solutions and for that they turned to Epson NZ.

University of Otago Team Leader for ITSS AV Support, Ryan Göllner, explained, “I joined the University of Otago to lead the newly created AV Support group under ITSS Senior Manager, Emerson Pratt. This team was a combination of the AV Engineer and Lecture Theatre Technician teams. One of the early initiatives we collectively embraced as a team was the desire to improve the offerings of our larger theatres. When identifying our visual goals, we worked closely with UO Lead Engineers, Dave Bull and Glynn Babington, Graeme Durham from Epson NZ and Nathan Roche from Ten Four to create a plan.”

Being proud members of AETM, the university’s goal was to meet or exceed international standards in these spaces. However, being a university, there was also a level of stewardship accompanying their decision which placed a high priority on value. After a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process, the university chose Epson’s EB-L1755UNL, EB-L1505UHNL, and EB-L1495UNL projectors for the three theatres they upgraded.

Göllner continued, “During our research phase, we identified brightness, ease of colour balancing, and smooth integration into our existing control systems as key factors. During this we worked carefully with Graeme to choose the Epson projectors that would give our end-users the most consistent experience throughout the product life cycle.”

The University of Otago now uses their Epson projectors for standard teaching and learning, internal broadcasting and live events. Their larger lecture theatres use Crestron for control, custom coded in-house by Lead Engineer, Rebecca Ottley and end users are able to operate the entire projection system from a single touch panel installed at a lectern. 

Ryan Göllner is clearly very happy with the university’s new Epson projectors concluding, “Over the years, display technology has become more and more vital to education. Epson’s unique balance of value, quality, and service on offer makes it a reliable choice for our needs. That said, the biggest benefits our Epson projectors provide us with come in the form of their balance between affordability and quality.”

Epson AU: epson.com.au
Epson NZ: epson.co.nz


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