SoundTube Brightens Up The Collective


15 August 2017

When it comes to dining, if you’re a stickler for variety then The Collective is your kind of restaurant. As the name suggests, the Gold Coast dining destination is a melting pot of different cuisines conveniently placed under the same roof (and ABN). Five kitchens are run independently by five chefs. Each chef collects the proceedings from their relative kitchen and pays ‘rent’ to the owners. It’s a terrific concept that delights foodies. The restaurant was fully booked out weeks prior to its opening late 2016.

A positive culinary experience is enhanced with an appropriately positive auditory one too. That’s to say, a good sound system can take the vibe of a hospitality space to the next level. The Collective needed a system that would sonically cover all areas of the dining areas without disrupting its casual aesthetic appeal. SoundTube’s range of pendant speakers was a perfect match for the brief.

Graeme Hicks at Entertainment Production Supplies performed the installation, supported by Brendon McDonald at NAS.

The SoundTube speakers worked a treat both coverage-wise and aesthetically. The pendant speakers were hung at regular intervals from the overhead metal frames above the undercover dining space. BroadBeam technology ensures consistent conical output from each speaker so every table and chair receives perfect sound. The SoundTube HP890i was chosen to cover the main areas, all running at max tap settings on 100V. The two-way speakers have an eight-inch woofer with a one-inch tweeter for impressively high fidelity sound. Low end is taken care of by two RS1001 10-inch subs in each area, fed by 500W low-Z.

Wondering if SoundTube’s pendant speakers will work for your next installation? Get in touch with the NAS Projects Team to find out.

National Audio Systems: www.nationalaudio.com.au


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