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Vision releases next-gen HDMI-over-LAN solution

Upgrading the chipset in TC-HDMIIP/V2 delivers a low-cost yet reliable plug-and-play HDMI-over-the-network solution


7 October 2021

Vision has released version 2 of its TC-HDMIIP, which enables an HDMI signal to be transmitted over a standard LAN network by converting it to TCIP/IP packets, with no loss of video quality, in a smaller format and an enhanced chipset.

The new version is based on a new, higher-quality HiSilicon chipset which uses H.265 compression, reducing the bandwidth requirement on the network and avoiding network flooding.

“We’re seeing growing demand to transmit video over a local network for lots of applications now, but corporate communication and digital signage in particular,” explains Stuart Lockhart, Director of Vision Audio Visual, “AV installers need reliable products they can trust that will not impact their clients networks negatively. Swapping to the HiSilicon chipset ensures we can deliver just that, but without a price hike.”

The TC-HDMIIP/V2 is easy and quick to install; there is no set-up – it just works with an unmanaged switch when all nodes are on the same subnet. And because transmitters and receivers are sold separately, it is easy scaling up a system as required.

It is also super-flexible. A transmitter can be connected directly to a receiver, bypassing the network completely. Where one source needs to be displayed on multiple screens, the TC-HDMIIP/V2 supports multi-casting. Only one transmitter is needed per network and multi-casts to more than 100 receivers, one for each display.

“We’ve focused on eliminating common problems for installers,” adds Lockhart. “Faulty power supplies are a common cause of faults so having a separate power supply unit makes it easier to swap-out and isolate problems. This also removed the need for Power over Ethernet, making problem-solving easier and cleaner.”

TC-HDMIIP/V2 is available now through Vision’s international network of distributors. Like all Vision products, it is backed by a Vision’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Vision: visionaudiovisual.com
Australian Distributor: dickerdata.com.au


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