Transforming AV Experiences With Series 3

Kramer takes your AV experience to the next level.


17 March 2023

Introducing Kramer’s new series-based approach to audio-visual distribution, the ultimate end-to-end audio-visual distribution solution that provides simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. The company’s new series-based approach to AV distribution makes it simpler than ever to design, configure and securely manage complete AV solutions. 

With Series 3, you can integrate AV solutions with total ease and peace of mind. This comprehensive portfolio includes matrices, switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers, and multiviewers, all fully interoperable and managed together. It delivers end-to-end audio-visual distribution with a premium connectivity experience, supporting the most advanced collaboration devices and demanding use cases.

Kramer: kramerav.com
Australian Distributor: westan.com.au


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