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Thought Leaders Assemble For ISE 2022

Between 9-13 May, the conference programme will welcome leaders from multiple markets to share insights and thoughts on the future


30 March 2022

Few markets have escaped unaffected by the pandemic and the ISE conference programme will not only reflect the huge changes that have occurred in many areas, but also help to make sense of the longer-term impacts. Sessions will look at what’s changed and whether these changes are here for the long term, explore how best to respond and highlight where the opportunities lie. The theme of the Smart Building Conference, ‘Smart, Safe, Sustainable Building Technologies’, shows just how much the thinking around the buildings we inhabit and how they should respond to its occupants has changed.

Proceedings will kick off on 9 May with Heinz Lux, CEO of KNX; Kathy Farrington, Global Lead for Digital Buildings Program (BOS) and IoT Team Manager, Google; and Matthew Marson, Global Market Sector Leader, Arcadis, discussing topics such as intelligent buildings, energy management and scaling digital buildings.

Futurist Amelia Kallman will chair the Smart Workplace Summit on 10 May, which will begin with a keynote from Snorre Kiesbu, Vice President & General Manager, Webex Devices at Cisco. Rainer Karcher, Global Director IT Sustainability, Siemens will discuss how Video Collaboration & Hybrid Work can Help to Reimagine Cities and Kallman will also present a session on Metaverse and the Workplace.

The massive changes seen across the education sector will make for a fascinating Digital Learning Summit on 11 May, and the metaverse is on the agenda here too. Professor Fridolin Wild’s keynote will be one unmissable session. A professor at the Institute of Educational Technology of The Open University, Wild will explain how augmented reality can speed up the process of learning and why learning in the metaverse should be rolled out in the mainstream. Attendees will also be introduced to the ‘ghost in the machine’, an avatar that can provide just-in-time instruction.

Also on the agenda is Ted Brodheim, Global CIO for Education, Zoom Video Communications, who will give an inside view of the company’s success and offer insights into its product roadmap as it positions itself at the heart of the learning ecosystem.

At the Digital Signage Summit, also on 11 May, brands including Benetton and Porsche will share their experiences of digital signage projects. Giovanni Flore, Retail Customer Experience Innovation Manager, Benetton will discuss ‘The Future of Retail – Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Partner of the City’.

Real-world projects will form the backbone of the Control Rooms Summit on 10 May, with Kim Turner of the LAPD sharing her experiences of building a new control room; while Alvin Chan, Executive Director, Calsius Solutions, will offer a Singaporean perspective of Designing Control Rooms for Smart Cities. AVIXA economist Peter Hansen will also explain the association’s latest findings on the state of the critical control rooms market.

Feargus Bryan, Co-founder of the Superyacht Technology Council and Director at Watermark Yachts, will deliver a keynote address at the much-anticipated Superyacht Technology Summit on 12 May. He’ll discuss managing giga yacht projects and the growing desire for smart yachting, with items like connectivity, security, yacht functionality and environmentally better travel rising up the agenda. He’ll be joined by Kris Hogg, European Business Manager for Samsung Electronics Europe, talking about the customer experience in displays.

Also on 12 May, the Live Events Summit will look at what might lie ahead for the live touring sectors in the coming years. Jamie Gosney of Sonosphere will talk about the 5G Festival remote production project; Klang’s Phil Kamp and Southby Production’s Chris Jones will look at how immersive audio may play a bigger role in the live events of the future; and Sarah Cox of recently launched Neutral Human will join a panel discussion exploring how virtual events may manifest in the world of live music in 2022 and beyond.


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