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There’s Nothing Iffy About Epson

Epson wins multiple prestigious iF Design Awards 2022.


9 June 2022

Four Epson product models including printers and projectors were named winners of an iF Design Award 2022. This is one of the world’s most celebrated design awards and is organised by iF Industry Forum Design GmbH of Hannover, Germany. Founded in 1953, the iF Design Award showcases particularly innovative industrial product designs. The selection criteria range from consideration of practicality and workmanship to innovativeness, sustainability, functionality, usability, safety, aesthetics, and universal design. This year, a jury panel made up of 132 design experts from around the world examined some 11,000 entries from 57 countries and regions.


SD-10 Spectrophotometer
The SD-10 is a highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tuneable filter developed by Epson. You can use it to digitise colour matching, a conventionally time-consuming part of printing done manually, and link it with a smartphone or cloud service to centrally manage colour information for smoother printing process. Pocket-sized and portable, it allows you to measure colours anytime, anywhere.
Key design features:
The form is simple, with all unnecessary elements eliminated, to maximise portability and operability. Great attention was paid to the finishing of details, and the colour and texture lend an aura of quality as an optical instrument.

EH-LS12000B Home Projector
The EH-LS12000B is a high-end home projector is equipped with a new laser light source. It delivers real 4K image quality so that users who don’t have a home theatre environment can enjoy a sharp, bright, compelling home cinema experience even in a well-lit living room.
Key design features:
The design, well-balanced and symmetrical, is exceptionally simple and clean in appearance. This allows the projector to blend into the living environment. Whereas the form has a solid feel, the area around the lens has a sculpted form, giving an impression of power as a high-performance model. To give customers a feeling of satisfaction at owning a high-end model, a metallic finish was deposited on the ring encircling the lens, and the finish of the housing was improved by giving it a slightly grainy texture.

The wireless ELPWP10 presentation device system makes it easier than ever to share your screen. You can easily send video to your display device by connecting a transmitter to your PC and clicking an icon on the screen. In addition, you can display the screen from up to four devices simultaneously, enhancing communication, creativity, and collaboration during meetings and workshops.
Key design features:
The rounded form invites touching and a gradated LED suggests the spread of radio waves. This design was adopted to lower the psychological barriers for first-time users.



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