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Roland’s New Streaming Video Switcher

Roland has announced a new video switcher along with companion software.


7 June 2024

Roland announced multiple additions to its leading lineup of professional A/V products. The V-80HD Direct Streaming Video Switcher is a compact hybrid event switcher with diverse video connectivity, advanced automation features, and SRT support. The companion Graphics Presenter software provides an easy-to-use solution for creating professional titles and motion graphics for live productions with the V-80HD. Additional Roland video switcher models will receive Graphics Presenter and SRT support with free system updates coming later in 2024.

V-80HD Direct Streaming Video Switcher

The versatile V-80HD covers comprehensive video production needs for in-person events, livestreaming, and studio productions in a compact device that’s easy to carry and set up. The flexible I/O features eight inputs for 3G SDI, HDMI, and SRT video sources and seven outputs that support 3G SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0, and LAN (RTMP/SRT) connections. The V-80HD also provides integrated control for PTZ cameras from various manufacturers, plus remote operation and video monitoring via a dedicated iPad app and computer control software for macOS and Windows.

The V-80HD comes loaded with helpful tools to streamline production workflows. Scene memory, macro, and sequencing functions simplify operation, allowing users to pre-program complicated actions and fire them off with simple commands. Professional audio features are also integrated, including multi-channel mixing, high-quality effect processing, and flexible aux routing options.

The V-80HD supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), an open-source standard for AVoIP (Audio and Visual over Internet Protocol) created by Haivision. SRT realizes secure audio and video transmission over IP networks and provides future-proof connectivity within installed system configurations.

Graphics Presenter

The new Graphics Presenter software for Windows allows users of the V-80HD and other Roland switchers to easily create stunning titles and graphics, eliminating the need for expensive third-party graphic presentation solutions. The setup is quick and straightforward, requiring just a single HDMI connection to send fill and key signals from the computer to the switcher.

Graphics Presenter features an intuitive workflow with a wide selection of ready-to-edit templates, including animated title text, sports scores, motion graphics, and more. The software and templates are available free of charge, and additional content will be periodically provided for download on Roland Cloud.

Upcoming System Updates for Roland Switchers

Free system updates will be released for several Roland video switchers later in 2024. Roland Graphic Presenter support will be added to the V-8HD, V-160HD, VR-6HD, and VR-120HD models, and SRT support will be added to the SR-20HD, VR-6HD, and VR-120HD models.

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 The V-80 HD will be available in the US in September.

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