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9 September 2015

Here’s a table worth reproducing: Display Size for Equivalent Visibility — ‘Screen Size Chart for Conference Rooms’. Epson is making a feature of it. Why? Because the ideal screen size in many conference rooms is bigger than you might expect, in fact, of a size that will make you reconsider using a projector over a flat panel display.

epson table

Use the table above to select the optimal size display for any conference room. Look up Room Length on the left and scan across to choose the appropriate display size for a quality experience. Green provides Equivalent Visibility between optimised personal desktop experiences and meeting rooms. Dimensions are diagonal.

Note: Equivalent Visibility sets the average desktop monitor at 21 inches diagonal viewed at the typical maximum viewing distance of 30 inches. For more detail reference the Display Size Matters whitepaper by Phil Edholm, PKE Consulting LLC.

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