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Panopto Video Capture Integrated with AMX

Partnership with video management system provider gives AMX users a fast and secure way to capture meetings, classes, presentations


22 November 2021

HARMAN Professional Solutions announces a partnership to integrate Panopto’s video management platform with AMX control systems and Modero touch panels.

“Integrating AMX control systems and Panopto’s easy-to-use video recording and management capabilities opens up new possibilities for higher education and corporate applications, without complicating anything for the end user,” said Jamie Trader, Vice President, Video & Control, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “Achieving this kind of control used to require juggling multiple software and hardware systems, but this new functionality puts the power and security of Panopto at our users’ fingertips while letting them focus on what’s important to them.”

Used in many universities and large enterprises, Panopto allows users to securely capture video, presentations, meetings and screenshares, as well as webcasts. Users can monitor viewer behaviour for engagement, share content securely and quickly search videos for specific moments using its Smart Chapters feature. The AMX-Panopto integration, developed in close consultation with the University of Freiburg, Germany, provides AMX and Modero users with several benefits:

  • One-touch recording of lectures, presentations and more
  • Ability to pause, stop, delete or extend active recordings
  • Easily view and manage scheduled recordings

“Teachers, presenters and facilitators need simple workflows to record, manage and share video content,” said Mike Rich, vice president of strategic alliances at Panopto.  “AMX’s offerings make it easier to put the power of Panopto at people’s fingertips.”

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Issue 28