18 April 2016


Panasonic took part in this year’s Milano Salone, held in Milan, Italy from April 12th to 17th. This year, Panasonic introduced an installation designed with the theme ‘KUKAN’ — The Invention of Space, which combines Panasonic’s imaging and audio technologies.

Japan’s traditional culture and natural beauty was showcased on state-of-the-art technology — 145 55-inch screens arranged into seven pillars.

Producer Shuichi Furumi introduced the installation at the opening ceremony. “We created a three-dimensional space using seven pillars and 140 monitors — the ‘seven dimensions.’ I invite you to think of it as a spatial invention apparatus. It breaks up space. It constructs new space. It creates time in space. Take time to walk around it. Go inside the pillars. Feel the space of Japanese culture. And immerse yourself in an unknown, unexplored space.”

Panasonic’s installation in Milano Salone 2016 is in the Fuori Salone, located in the city of Milan. The company played a role in promoting Milano Salone by participating as a joint sponsor in the event ‘Open Borders’ hosted by Interni magazine. Gilda Bojardi, editor of Interni magazine, visited the Panasonic installation and commented, “We, Interni and Panasonic, have a long, good relationship. I believe Panasonic illustrates its technologies and ideals even stronger than before with this year’s exhibition. I hope every visitor will enjoy it.”

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Panasonic: www.panasonic.com.au


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