18 March 2019

Extron announces the immediate availability of its ECM S10, a transmitter and receiver partition sensor set for Extron eBUS-enabled control systems and other devices that feature a digital I/O port. The set connects to an IPCP Pro control processor and uses an infrared beam to sense the position of a movable partition wall within divisible rooms. The position of the movable wall – open or closed – can then dictate certain control system behaviours. The ECM S10 receiver offers a digital output port and a 14 VDC output to provide power to the transmitter.

“The ECM S10 is a great example of how small devices can sometimes be very big news.” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Extron. “When used in a divisible room application with eBUS button panels, this discreet, easy-to-install, sensor set can save time and increase efficiency by automating any number of AV system behaviours.”

For convenient integration, eBUS control modules, like the ECM S10 are linked to the control processor or to other eBUS devices using a single cable that carries both power and communication. The ECM S10 mounts in two US single gang, Flex55, EU, or MK junction boxes and includes white oversized decorator-style wallplates.

Extron: www.extron.com.au


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