18 February 2019

Martin Audio confirms that its recently announced series of ADORN on-wall loudspeakers is now shipping.  

Designed for distributed sound applications that require high performance from visually-discreet, ultra-compact enclosures, the ADORN series also provides a seamless sonic transition within a multi-zoned complex using larger Martin Audio systems such as CDD or BlacklineX.

Featuring a 4” and 5.5” driver, the two-way ADORN 40 and ADORN 55 respectively are available in black or white as standard and can be readily painted to match any interior décor and architectural environment.  

The loudspeakers have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel. Their ‘T’-designated options are fitted with an internal 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level.

The newly-announced SX110 subwoofer will extend the bandwidth of ADORN on-wall speakers, and is ideal for foreground music applications which require increased impact and low frequency performance. Designed to be able to sit under banquette seating or be discreetly placed within a venue, this unit features a 10” (250mm) driver and generous bass-reflex porting to reduce air noise. SX110 can also be suspended by means of integral M8 threaded inserts.  

Supporting electronics for ADORN series has also resulted in a significant shake up of Martin Audio’s amplifier and controller portfolio. VIA is a new range of power amplifiers designed primarily for installation use, but also suited to portable applications. 

Martin Audio loudspeakers are designed to partner with VIA where networking and onboard DSP are not required but where full system set-up is necessary. Either the existing DX0.5 controller or newly announced DX4.0 can be added. DX4.0 is a 4-in 8-out loudspeaker processor and matrix featuring networked audio via Dante, high quality 96kHz processing, VX limiting as well as FIR optimisation support for O-Line with Scalable Resolution. 

Martin Audio: martin-audio.com
Australian Distributor: www.tag.com.au


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