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Marshall Announces New NDI|HX3 POV Camera Lineup

CV570 / CV574 miniature & CV370 / CV374 compact cameras added.


5 April 2023

Marshall Electronics continues to evolve its product offerings with the latest NDI codecs and will be showcasing four new camera models at NAB 2023. The CV570/CV574 Miniature Cameras and CV370/CV374 Compact Cameras all feature low latency NDI|HX3 streaming as well as standard IP (HEVC) encoding with SRT, while also offering an HDMI simultaneous output for traditional workflows.

“Marshall looks forward to introducing four new POV cameras at this year’s NAB show,” says Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras for Marshall Electronics. “NDI has been a great success for Marshall with a variety of options from which to choose, including zoom and full PTZ models. Adding NDI|HX3 and IP to our miniature POV camera line was inevitable and doing so with high-end UHD sensors is a very exciting development.”

The CV570-ND3 miniature and CV370-ND3 compact NDI|HX3 cameras both contain a new Sony HD sensor, which is also being implemented into other top-selling Marshall POV cameras this year. These will have resolutions of up to 1920×1080 (progressive), 1920x1080i (interlaced) and 1280x720p.  Also, these cameras are designed with the same flexible features including interchangeable lenses, multiple broadcast frame-rates, remote adjustability and very discreet and durable bodies made of lightweight aluminium alloy with rear I/O protection wings.

The step-up CV574-ND3 miniature and CV374-ND3 compact NDI|HX3 cameras both contain the same features as aforementioned only with a new Sony 4K (UHD) sensor. All four cameras can be set to NDI|HX3, NDI|HX2 as well as standard IP with H.265 and SRT settings, with a simultaneous HDMI output for traditional processing or switching equipment.

The CV570 (HD) and CV574 (UHD) use a miniature M12 lens mount and is built into an ultra-durable and lightweight body with dimensions of roughly 2 inches x 2 inches x 3.5 inches. The CV370 (HD) and CV374 (UHD) use a slightly larger aluminium alloy body with CS/C lens mount recommended for longer throws and longer focal length lenses.

The new NDI|HX3 format requires slightly higher bandwidth than previous NDI|HX2, but much less than is required for full-NDI. NDI|HX3 delivers similar low latency as full-NDI at less than 100ms end-to-end and has video quality performance closer to premium full-NDI lossless video quality. NDI|HX3 is a big step forward for NDI|HX while reducing the bandwidth requirements of full-NDI and delivering similar speeds and video quality.

All four NDI|HX3 POV cameras will start shipping right after NAB.

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