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Kramer’s 4K60 4.2.0 AVoIP streaming solution.


28 June 2022

The new range from Kramer offers users a full AVoIP streaming solution suitable anywhere that low-latency, high-quality  video presentation is required. The KDS-7 line — KDS-7-MNGR, KDS-DEC7, KDS-EN7, and KDS-SW2-EN7 — comprises a full range of encoders and decoders, supports 1K video sources, enables simple and fast deployment, and easily scales to suit any size network AV installation. Delivering a superb user experience, enterprise IT-grade security and advanced yet intuitive management, KDS-7 is a perfect fit for enterprise, education, homeland security, military or government sites of any size.

Outstanding End-User Experience

Rich set of inputs and interfaces:
Featuring multiple connectivity options, including USB-C and HDMI, KDS-7 devices support the vast majority of end-user devices. With USB-C connectivity, enduser devices are charged while they are connected, eliminating the need for an additional power cable. 

Easy-to-use KVM:
Simplified control via keyboard and/or mouse, with a specially designed widget and navigation among up to 16 screens, with configurable layout. 

Large-scale video wall controls:
Supports more than 64 screens in different layouts that are easily configurable via the dedicated management device, and  switchable in one click using the management device or Kramer Control software. 

Instantaneous switching:
Optimised for a fast switching time. Switching between streams takes just 1 second or less. Ideal for large-scale deployments.

Highly scalable:
The KDS-7 line supports 1K video sources, suited to the largest installations.

State-of-the-art management device: Advanced management capabilities are provided via the dedicated management device, including multi-device grouping, preset virtual matrix stream routes, group configuration management and role-based access management.

Extensive set of management capabilities features:
With open P3K APIs, a front panel LCD screen and an intuitive, embedded web-based user interface, KDS-7 devices provide a rich set of tools for deployment and configuration. This enables AV experiences in any space, large or small, and allows management from anywhere for reliable and flexible operational management.

Robust Security

Enterprise IT-grade security:
KDS-7 devices comply with IT security requirements, including 802.1x and HTTP-S/TLS

Security certification:
All devices carry OWASP Top 10 certification for web application security

Separate ethernet ports for optimal security and experience:
Physical separation between control and AV data over two separate ethernet ports ensures IT control and an uninterrupted AV experience

Simple Planning And Rollout

Cost-effective from day one:
Plug-and-play integration with leading IP network switches, such as Netgear M4250 series, enable deployment in a wide variety of network topologies. There is no need to deal with complex IP packets prioritisation or switching setting. Offering easy management, high reliability and adjustable bandwidth control, KDS-7 is extremely cost-effective to maintain over the long term

Full product range for any site, any application:
The comprehensive KDS-7 line spans encoders, decoders and auto-switcher encoders in a choice of rack and soon to be released wall-plate form factors, as well as a dedicated manager device. The broad set of products within the KDS-7 product line allows quick and cost-effective rollout of AV-enabled spaces of all forms and size. The eight different KDS-7 devices can be combined in any way, with any quantity of decoders, according to the site needs.

Fully integrated with Kramer’s complete Pro AV solutions:
The KDS-7 line is part of Kramer’s market-leading full AVoIP-based solution. It is pre-integrated with Kramer Control, allowing efficient deployment and control of any space, at a fraction of the time and cost of standalone alternatives. It is also integrated with KDS-USB2 for AVoIP remote access to any USB peripheral devices, such as webcams.

Kramer: kramerav.com


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