12 January 2016


Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) maintains its control rooms with the latest equipment. The company recognised that a display wall would enable its operators at National Transmission Asset Management Centre (NTAMC) to have a much clearer view at any given moment. Delta’s Video wall solution helped NTAMC achieve its visualisation demands ensuring all operations progress effectively and effortlessly.

Delta installed five sets of 70” LED-lit Video wall in 4×3 configurations inside the control room — one video wall for each regional load dispatch centre (RLDCs) — East, South, West, North and Northeast region. Above each Video wall, there is a 4mm indoor LED display, installed to display alarm situations from across the network so that it gets immediate attention and quick rectification. One set of 4×3 70” LED-lit video wall is installed in the remote transmission monitoring centre for monitoring operations of North region separately. To make sure all the operators manning the control room are well versed with the technology, training is provided in a conference room equipped with Delta’s 70” Full HD Video wall in a 2×2 configuration.

“We found Delta’s Display solutions meeting our specifications. Delta has given their solutions to us in the past, and our experience in 4×3 configurations with them has been good in terms of reliability and post sales inside the control room,” commented Mr. R.P. Sasmal, Director (Operations),PGCIL.

The significance of NTAMC is that all the 186 substations across the country are unmanned and have to be monitored from a single location i.e. at NTAMC Manesar. Integration of these substations with the central location is characterised by a fool-proof fibre optic communication system; this communication system is also augmented by HD cameras installed at all the substations to capture videos for 24/7 operations. Delta Videowalls installed at NTAMC are used to monitor all these feeds.

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