Extron TLP Pro 1230WTG Ultra-Wide Touchpanel

Now Shipping 12-inch 1920x720 Touchscreen That Puts AV Control, Video Preview, and Annotation on One Screen


3 May 2021

Extron announces the availability of its ultra-wide touchpanel, the TLP Pro 1230WTG. Featuring a 12-inch 1920×720 resolution touchscreen, the ultra-wide format allows multiple tasks to be seen and managed at the same time. The TLP Pro 1230WTG provides ample screen space to simultaneously display full AV system controls, video preview and annotation controls. The TLP Pro 1230WTG features an HDMI video preview input that supports high resolution HDCP compliant video from an HDMI source. It also supports annotation when used in conjunction with any Extron Annotator. The sleek, low-profile design minimises visual obstructions and improves collaboration engagement in a wide variety of applications.

“Customers will really appreciate the way our new ultra-widescreen touchpanel performs and looks”, says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Extron. “With ample screen real estate, users will be able to control their AV, annotate, and watch live video preview – all from a single screen.”

The TLP Pro 1230WTG works with any Extron control processor or HC 400 Series Meeting Space Collaboration system and is designed for use in AV system applications that require complete, interactive control of a broad range of source devices. TouchLink Pro touchpanels operate using standard network infrastructure and are easy to install with reliable and cost-effective Ethernet cable. All TouchLink Pro touchpanels can be customised using Extron GUI Designer software. This powerful interface design software offers ready-to-use templates for a wide variety of rooms and presentation environments. These designs may be used as is or customised for the application by simply changing individual graphic elements.

Extron: extron.com.au


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