4 February 2018

Dan Dugan Sound Design Inc. (ISE stand 7-P180) has announced the Model E-2A, an automatic microphone mixing controller with analogue and ADAT I/O. The E-2A incorporates 28 channels of processing (12 balanced analogue plus 16 ADAT) and supports all Dugan algorithms: Speech System, Music System and Gain Limiting. Channels may be grouped into three independent automixers. A six bus pre/post matrix mixer is also provided, with 56×6 capability. Four switched Ethernet ports are available for control. A bright OLED front panel enables setup directly from the device. The Model E-2A may be controlled remotely via the Dugan Control Panel for Java (included) or the Dugan Control Panel for iPad (sold separately); tactile remote control is available via the Dugan Model K Control Surface, also sold separately.

This model replaces the Dugan Model E-2, which has been Dugan’s top-of-the-line analogue mixer for the past four years. All Dugan devices eliminate cueing errors, reduce feedback and ambient noise pickup, reduce comb filtering from adjacent mics, allow for smooth transitions between talkers and provide consistent system gain no matter how many mics are open. Systems with a large number of live microphones can be established via linking up to eight Dugan units; the Model E-2A may be linked with additional E-2A units as well as all other digital Dugans (legacy models D-2, D-3, E and E1 and current models E-1A, E-3A, Model M, Model N, Dugan-VN16 and Dugan-MY16).

Dan Dugan Sound Design: www.dandugan.com


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