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ON LX Limited unveils Ctrl Suite.


15 November 2022

Ctrl Suite is a new control platform focused on fitness, live production, and hospitality. The suite features all the necessary tools for building the ultimate unified control system, designed with scalability at its core. Ctrl Suite breaks down the components of a control system into key areas such as data handling, user interfacing, and event processing.

The data handling element of Ctrl Suite utilises standard protocols and pre-built modules to provide flexibility to integrators when building their systems. This adaptive design allows for everything from basic protocol conversion to complex device state monitoring.

The interface element allows for interactive experiences to be created using components such as buttons, sliders, colour pickers, and playback controls. When combined with processes and modules, integrators can effortlessly provide for scenarios such as venue control, camera management, or a fitness instructor station.

Processing data is at the core of integration and of key importance when building control systems. Ctrl Suite includes an interchangeable visual and code-based approach to processing, utilising JavaScript with an extensive API for complete access.

This system makes use cases such as ‘Displaying warning messages on digital signage systems and recalling lighting states in the event of a fire alarm’, or ‘Providing directors and technicians in the gallery of a virtual film shoot with simple interfaces to recall video and lighting states at the touch of a button’ easy to test and build.

Support is an integral part in the initial and continued stages of development and ON LX’s Knowledge Base and online tutorials make it easy for anyone to start learning the system. Additionally, Ctrl Suite features a free Starter tier that provides access to one protocol input and one protocol output, which allows technicians and designers to learn the system through real-world use.

Ctrl Suite is comprised of three key components:

Create and author workspaces with an intuitive UI. Sync workspaces to Ctrl Engine running on a computer in the main control rack to make changes quickly and efficiently.

A powerful process responsible for running the workspace. It can be run on an exclusive computer, or alongside your existing applications.

Display User Interfaces over the network on purpose-built applications for macOS/Windows/iPad OS, with Android support coming 2023. This is ideal for projects that require frequent user interaction.

The Early Access version of Ctrl Suite is available for download and purchase now at the ON LX website.

ON LX Limited: onlx.ltd


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