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AVer Unveils AI Cameras

AVer introduces "a significant leap in camera technology."


21 June 2024

AVer Information Inc. unveiled the brand-new TR535 and TR535N cameras, featuring cutting-edge AI auto tracking and a revolutionary dual lens design for stunning visual capturing.

“Today we introduced a significant leap in camera technology. We harnessed the power of a freshly designed AI auto-tracking algorithm that works with a dual lens to deliver unmatched visual fidelity and capture capabilities,” said Stanley Cheng, Vice President at AVer Information Inc. “Presenters can move freely while remaining center stage, and content creators have access to a suite of intelligent tracking modes that ensure everything stays in frame. This empowers people to look and sound their best.”

The TR535 Series brings an innovative approach by combining the power of 30X optical zoom with PTZ capabilities for detailed close-ups and a wide-angle lens for sweeping views. This empowers four advanced AI-driven tracking modes for unmatched accuracy in broadcasting, streaming, and recording environments.
Together with NDI High Bandwidth integration in the TR535N model, the two cameras in the series offer unrivaled visual capturing and AI auto-tracking capabilities for diverse applications:

Dual-lens superpower vision: With two lenses, auto-tracking accuracy is taken to a whole new level. The dual-lens design combines a wide-angle lens and a PTZ camera, with the wide-angle lens acting like a watchful eye, pinpointing objects across a larger area. This wide view is complemented by the PTZ camera’s precision for zoom and focus. By minimizing blind spots and delivering an expansive field of view, important subject matter always stays within the shot, even when things are on the move.

AI tracking modes for every scenario: Enhanced presenter mobility and content capture come to life in four advanced tracking modes. Presenter Mode lets you roam freely while remaining in the spotlight; Zone Mode prioritizes static content; and Hybrid Mode seamlessly blends these for maximum flexibility. Segment Mode offers unparalleled customization by designating specific points within a wider tracking area, reducing the need for multiple cameras, and creating a cost-effective event capture solution.

The power of detail: 30X optical zoom redefines what’s possible in capturing intricate details for the perfect shot. The TR535 Series’ powerful lens operates smoothly for crystal-clear video feeds even during panning and tilting, effortlessly accentuating content and allowing for dramatic shifts in perspective.

Simple configuration: Versatile connectivity options are a big boost for 4K streaming. Aside from 3G-SDI, both HDMI and USB have dual streams for more versatile mix-and-match display options. This sleek configuration minimizes cable clutter and facilitates fluid video production.

Ultra-low latency: With NDI High Bandwidth integration, the TR535N model redefines workflow in modern video content production and sharing. Experience almost lossless compression, ultra-low latency, and pristine image quality that simplify even the most intricate setups.

For the pairing of camera and voice tracking, AVer’s PTZ Link and MT300(N) with PTZ Link Premium are designed to connect most AVer PTZ and Pro AV Cameras to select microphone systems, including Audio-Technica, Biamp, ClearOne, Nureva, Shure, Sennheiser, and Yamaha.

Learn more about AVer’s lineup of auto-tracking and PTZ cameras at:
For more on AVer’s PTZ Link, visit:

Amber Technology: 1800 251 367



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