Audix A10 & A10X Earphones

Audix, US manufacturer of professional microphones and headphones, is now shipping the A10 and A10X dynamic driver earphones.


18 June 2021

The A10 Earphones are engineered to deliver studio-quality performance for live sound monitoring and critical listening with exceptional imaging and isolation. The A10 features a dynamic, low-mass moving coil assembly and titanium alloy diaphragm with a frequency response of ten octaves and accurate phase coherence due to its point-source design.

The A10X Earphones are designed for the ultimate immersive listening experience. At the heart of the earphone is a dynamic low-mass moving coil assembly and composite beryllium diaphragm. Beryllium, which is fifty percent more rigid than steel and thirty percent less dense than aluminum, is an ideal diaphragm material for delivering clean highs and extended bass.

Both models feature lightweight and durable injection-molded shells which are internally textured and ported for acoustic control and accuracy throughout the frequency range. The included small, medium, and large pairs of silicone ear tips attach securely for optimum comfort and sound isolation. Gold-plated MMCX connectors allow for 360 degrees of rotation for ease of placement. Silver-plated, oxygen-free copper cable is equipped with a reinforced wire wrap near the connector to further ensure that the earphones will stay securely in place.

“Great sound starts with a great driver and the proprietary drivers of the A10 and A10X earphones leverage our decades of dynamic transducer experience,” says Steve Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Audix. “Whether you are on stage or on a plane, the new Audix earphones deliver high-fidelity listening for the most discerning ears.”

Audix: audixusa.com
Australian Distributor: pavt.com.au


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