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7 October 2013

Barco FL33 Smaller


Barco has introduced a new top-of-the-line single chip LED projector. The FL33 projector is based on the FL32 platform and can generate up to 1,000 lumens brightness. By combining projectiondesign’s solid state ReaLED technology with Texas Instruments single-chip DLP technology, the FL33 promises 100,000 hours service life. Having no reliance on any lamps or consumables, FL33 owners can expect a low maintenance cost. The absence of lamps also means that the projector can be placed in any orientation angle required. The projector’s uptime is even further increased by the fact that it shows no color degradation and requires virtually no recalibration. Native resolution is 1,920 x 1,200 or 1,080p with adjustable Smear Reduction Processing (SRP) for crisp and smooth imagery, suitable for all types of fast moving images. Using RealColor technology, viewers can access colour matching capabilities. A wide range of high-quality glass lenses offers customers the flexibility to adapt the system to their specific needs. More info is at www.barco.com

Australian Distributor: Barco (03) 9646 5833 or sales.au@barco.com


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