4 January 2015

Extron Electronics has announced its exclusive Australian distributor, RGB Integration, will now be trading as Extron Australia.


There will be no change in ownership and Extron Australia will continue to be the sole distributor for Extron in the country, providing sales, support, training and certification for pro AV dealers all across the country.

The company will continue to be headquartered in Adelaide, with additional product demonstration and training facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“We remain determined to emulate Extron standards in everything we do,” says RGB managing director Ron Boyes. “By taking on the Extron Australia name, we are better able to communicate the benefits that our direct involvement with Extron provides for our customers.”

The two companies have had tightly integrated operations since 1988 in an unusual trading partnership with RGB specialising in the single product brand.

“We have had an exclusive relationship with Ron Boyes and RGB Integration for more than 25 years and they have a proven track record of understanding the Extron way of doing things,” says Extron CEO and president Andrew Edwards. “The new company name reflects the fact that Ron and his team are delivering the high level of service, support, and solutions that Extron is known for around the world.”


Source: media release


Extron: www.extron.com
Extron Australia: (08) 8351 2188 or www.rgbintegration.com


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