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An Industry First from Biamp

The CCA-80 is designed to solve unique acoustics challenges.


13 June 2024

Biamp revealed a new loudspeaker designed to solve the acoustical challenges presented by long aisles and concourses found in warehouses, sports complexes, shopping malls, hotels, themed entertainment venues, and more. The CCA-80, a constant coverage asymmetrical loudspeaker, minimizes reverberation and enhances intelligibility for applications that require clear paging and quality background music. Offering an industry-first asymmetric, rectangular coverage footprint with a longer throw distance, the CCA-80 minimizes necessary loudspeaker count, creating more cost effective and efficient large-scale deployments.

“Aisles are everywhere, yet no one has been able to solve the challenge of creating a loudspeaker solution that meets the need for clear paging and quality background music, both of which can be tightly focused down a long, narrow space,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Biamp. “Our new constant coverage asymmetric loudspeaker is the first in the industry to provide that extraordinary experience in warehouses and other large complexes, such as stadiums, malls, or public transit, creating an improved environment for employees and customers alike.”

The CCA-80 asymmetric loudspeaker represents the ultimate solution for modern venues requiring improved sound down long aisles. It provides a full-range performance, 100Hz-12kHz, for quality music reproduction and clear voice paging, and offers a choice of low impedance or a 70v / 100v transformer input, addressing the shortcomings of traditional paging horns but at a lower cost compared to other high-performance, full-range horn solutions. The asymmetric coverage pattern also delivers extended throw, better down-fill, and a more uniform horizontal coverage pattern, reducing the number of loudspeakers required at install by maximizing intelligible coverage while minimizing installation costs.

CCA-80 constant coverage asymmetrical loudspeakers are sold individually or as pairs in a convenient bundle, the CCA-80D—back-to-back mirrored dual speakers that come pre-mounted on an included bracket, providing greater flexibility to accommodate various warehouse configurations and mounting heights. This enables a highly cost-efficient layout with speakers back-to-back at the center of the space firing outward from a single point, an application that is only made possible by our companion Warehouse Designer Software. The loudspeakers are optimized to provide coverage from mounting clear heights between 26-feet (eight-meter) and 36-feet (11-meter), ensuring versatility across different environments.

For more information about the CCA-80 constant coverage asymmetrical loudspeaker or the dual-mounted CCA-80D bundle, visit

To see the new loudspeakers in person, visit the Biamp booth #C9001.

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